Double L translations

Double L Translations is your one-stop spot for any of your two-way language needs.

Do you need a document translated into French to reach out to a new customer base, expand a student audience, or maybe even connect with distant family?

Or maybe you were handed a French text, and you must know its contents – without taking a French class?

I have translated personal texts, promotional leaflets, academic materials and business documents. I can work with a wide variety of subjects and registers. My professional background in scientific research gives me an edge for scientific translations.

As some translation agencies offer a turn-around of only a few hours for a rock-bottom price, why should you go with a solo translator like Double L Translations?

·         You get my personal, invested attention. I am available through Skype, phone or email to answer your questions and requests.

·         You receive a high-quality translation. I do everything I can to bring you a translation that is tailored to you or to your business.

Contact me today to discuss your translation project.

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